[Samba] Log level and debug classes

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Wed Sep 22 08:02:43 GMT 2004

Hi, I quote from the smb.conf man page:

log level (G)

    The value of the parameter (a astring) allows the debug level (logging
level) to be specified in the smb.conf file. This parameter has been
extended since the 2.2.x series, now it allow to specify the debug level
for multiple debug classes.
    Example: log level = 3 passdb:5 auth:10 winbind:2 

How can I know the names of all debug classes available, what they refer
to, and the effect of log levels on them?

My aim is to increase logs regarding file/dir access (e.g. log level = 2
doesn't log creation/deletion of an empty dir, not even when using the
extd_audit VFS module), without having too much useless debug info inside

Thank you very much in advance.


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