[Samba] login from XP

Carlos Angeles cangeles at mail.com
Tue Sep 21 22:49:11 GMT 2004


I'm having a problem logging in to the Samba domain from an XP machine.  The machine is added to the domain but after reboot I can't login.  I've done the signorseal registry hack but I'm still not able to login.  The error I get when logging in is this:

"Windows cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable, or because your computer account was not found.  Please try again later.  If this message continues to appear, contact your system administrator for assistance."

The event viewer on the XP machine shows this Netlogon error:

"This computer could not authenticate with \\SERVER, a Windows domain controller for domain DOMAIN, and therefore this computer might deny requests.  This inability to authenticate might be caused by another computer on the same network using the same name or the password for this computer account is not recognized.  If this message appears again, contact your system administrator."

I've included a capture file that includes smb.conf, output of pdbedit -Lv, and log.nmbd.

Thanks for your help,

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