[Samba] Folder Permissions

Travis Bullock tbullock at avmax.ca
Tue Sep 21 21:09:29 GMT 2004


I have Samba up and running as well as winbind.  I have ran some tests to
confirm that yes indeed winbind is able to query the Windows NT 4.0 PDC for
user/group/password information.

However I am having difficulty understanding how to set shares up in samba
so that I can apply permissions to them using my Windows user information
rather than creating each user on samba with the same password as windows
etc etc.  I thought winbind was supposed to eliminate this requirement and
because the winbind daemon is able to successfully query the PDC I am
surprised that it has not.

When I try and access the share from a Windows client I get an "Access
Denied" error.

I have read through the Official HOW-TO but am still stumped on how to
properly apply permissions to a samba share.

Please help.



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