[Samba] Trust relationship between two samba with ldap backend - working now

Gustavo Lima listas at opendf.com.br
Tue Sep 21 20:13:15 GMT 2004


Just berfore I explain how it worked a last question. In NT networks we need
to replicate WINS between PDCs. Is this needed in samba? How does it work?
Or I have to use the same WINS server to all PDC over WAN? Not clear for me.

I did this way.

Joined the local domain.

Created a machine account with smbldap-useradd -w dom2 on domain 1 machine.

Then changed it´s password and at last changed the sambaAcctFlags in ldap db
to [I].

At this time the trusting was showed on list command.

Then I did the same on the domain 2 machine.

Ending the story I established the trust on dom1 with the command

net rpc trustdom establish dom2

and put the dom2 machine account password.

At last I repeated the process on machine dom2.

Logged on WinXP and everything was working fine.

Thank´s by the tips. Were very usefull.


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