[Samba] All Roaming Profiles Point to Same User

Kevin Dowling dowlingkevin at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 21 19:33:25 GMT 2004

In my Workplace we have samba 3.0.3 running on our server with Clients 
ranging from WinXP and Windows 2000 to MacOSX and Linux.  After a server 
crash, and having to rebuild our Authentication server we have had a problem 
where specific Windows PC's will point to the same profile for all roaming 
users.  The "set" command returns
                  USERPROFILE=C:\Documents and Settings\user
where user is whatever user's profile has become the default for all roaming 

This problem presents a huge security concern, as the data belonging to the 
user that becomes the default is now available to all roaming users on that 

This problem seems to remain with specific computers, those pc's on which 
the "default" user has logged in at a point in time.  The problem follows 
all users that have logged into the affected PC, infecting their profiles on 
login.  The only solution we currently have to this problem is the deletion 
of all profiles that have been involved.

The problem has been seen in different departments with no known 
interaction, so the assumption is that this is a server problem.  Have you 
encountered this problem before, or do you have any suggestions on how to 
solve this.  Thanks.

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