[Samba] Trust relationship between two samba with ldap backend

Gustavo Lima listas at opendf.com.br
Tue Sep 21 19:09:00 GMT 2004


I cleanned all the entries from my ldap. Created the OUs again.

Joined the local and the remote domain.

dom1:/etc# net rpc join -S dom1 -U Administrator%passwd
dom1:/etc# net rpc join -S dom2 -U Administrator%passwd

Created the machine user:

dom1:/etc/smbldap-tools# smbldap-useradd -a -i dom2
New password : 123456
Retype new password : 123456
dom1:/etc/smbldap-tools# net rpc trustdom add dom2 123456
Password: 123456

Then I listed the trusts:

teste1:/etc/smbldap-tools# net rpc trustdom list       
Password: (here, everything I type works)
Trusted domains list:


Trusting domains list:


Other tip?


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