[Samba] Upgrade Novell 4.11 to Samba 3.0.7 wisdom needed

kent kent at mail.wareham.mec.edu
Tue Sep 21 15:46:15 GMT 2004

I didn't think that Novell 4.11 used LDAP but could be wrong. Later versions use
LDAP with their schema extensions. I went from Novell 5.1 to Samba 3.0.0. I
moved users a little at a time removing the Novell client from client machines
and reconfiguring networking. Since I am with a school system the HS students
are dumped at the end of the year and accounts recreated in the fall. It was a
difficult process but I feel worth it.

Kent N

Misty Stanley-Jones <misty at borkholder.com> wrote: 
> Has anybody done such a thing as this?  I'm looking to make this transition as

> smooth as possible.  I have the new fileserver up and running, and I'm using 
> rsync to keep the Novell data current on the Samba server.  Any words of 
> advice on transferring the users and groups and permissions over to the new 
> server in the least painful way possible?  I have some idea that Novell uses 
> LDAP so that I should be able do it somehow.  I don't want to screw this 
> upgrade up, and any help would be appreciated.  I am hoping someone has 
> already done it before and has written a Howto or something about it.
> Thanks,
> Misty
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