[Samba] Copying

Karl Wheeler karl.wheeler at afonics.com
Tue Sep 21 09:47:21 GMT 2004


First up samba is great, I've been running samba for over three years
now and I've never had any seriuous probs. But now I have come up
against a problem that I can't solve.

I've recently created a backup server that I want to copy my samba
shares too on a daily basis. ( I already do a tape backup of the main
server every day with no probs, but hey I'm paranoid OK :)

I have mounted the relevant partitions from the backup server and tried
to copy over the files. This works OK for the '/shared/' driectories but
it won't work with the /home directories.

This is probably a permissions issue, but I just can't see a way of
getting round this other than logging in as each user and copying the
home directoris that way.

I'm gratefull for any help or comments ( and flaming, probably )


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