[Samba] Re: howto deny writing specified files

xmanbadung xmanbadung at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 08:30:42 GMT 2004

Message from Uwe:

Hello Mariusz,

veto files = *.mp3, ...

works section-specific


it doesn't really deny writing the files, it only denies access to
files. They can be saved, bat then they disappear from file-list of the
user, so they are not accessible.
You need e.g. a cronjob that deletes the corresponding files each

hope it works
greetings from germany

xmanbadung wrote:

> Mariusz Bukowski wrote:
>> Just like in title. Is there option to block  writing sort of files 
>> like *.mp3, *.avi etc.
>> Regards
>> Mariusz
> I don't think so.
> Except you writing the script which checking the directory container.
> Cheers
> xBadung

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