[Samba] Question on Load Balancing between password server

Yimin Chen ymchen at cisco.com
Tue Sep 21 00:54:06 GMT 2004


I saw the following documentation regarding how to specify multiple 
domain controllers for Samba member server to authenticate a user:

“password server = DOMPDC DOMBDC1 DOMBDC2

These are the primary and backup domain controllers Samba will attempt
to contact in order to authenticate users. Samba will try to contact
each of these servers in order, so you may want to rearrange this list
in order to spread out the authentication load among domain

How can we rearrange the list while Samba server is already running? I 
suppose there must be a way to Samba server to pick up the changes 
without being restarted?

Your suggestion is appreciated!


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