[Samba] Disabling NETBIOS over TCP/IP

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Tue Sep 21 00:23:11 GMT 2004

On Monday 20 September 2004 10:35, you wrote:
> > Controller: ergo, you can not run Samba as a domain controller and at the
> > same time NOT use NetBIOS. I am rectifying the documentation so as to
> > remove all doubt.
> >
> > Also, WINS and NetBIOS node-type are features of running NetBIOS - the
> > documentation was just plain crazy - it was wrong and misleading and is
> > being fixed.
> oh, yes please make that very explicit.

Ok! So now I appoint you as my quality control manager - but if it is not 
right you must supply the patches! :)
> i had almost fallen into the same pit... i investigated about the
> necessaey SRV records, and only their profound ugliness and a
> pressing deadline made me fall back to giving the clients their WINS
> server back (without which they would not find the dc...)

I have just committed updates to the chapter on Network Browsing. These should 
appear in the published documentation on all major mirror sites within 24 

I'd appreciate fixes, updates, panic attacks, flogging, and public humiliation 
to be spontaneous. Don't hold back! If I hear nothing I will assume that my 
modifications were perfect and will immediately withdraw rights to all future 
complaining about the HOWTO. (hehehehe!!) :)

- John T.
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