[Samba] Pbs with smbprint, password and windows shared printer..

Toots toots at rastageeks.org
Mon Sep 20 15:02:26 GMT 2004

Hi all!

At my university, we use for compatibility reasons a windows shared printer 
running samba server.

The main thing is that I can't get smbprint to send pages to the printer.
And, more amazing, I get this message:
"Unable to connect to SAMBA host, will retry in 60 seconds...ERROR: Connection 
failed with error NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD"
only when I give the GOOD password! :-/
We are using an ADS network, and I allready tried the configuration work 
individual loggin which worked very well, asking the server to confirm a 
given password, etc....

Is there somewhere I can get some information about this kind of issues?


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