[Samba] Samba + Share Quota's

Bart Hendrix hendrix at worldpilot.nl
Mon Sep 20 13:30:48 GMT 2004

Hi Samba users. 

I have the following problem and I hope somebody can help me: 

I installed Samba on a White Box linux machine and used LDAP for authentication. 
I created a directory /work/shares. In /work/shares are all share directories created. 

The problem I'm having now is that the total capacity of each share is the same because they are on the same partition. 
(So /work/shares/test and /work/shares/software both used 80 GB from a total of 120 GB free space, but /test used 20 GB and /software 60 GB) 

Is it possible to configure the free space size with smbcquota's? 

I tried this but I couldn't configure it because I dont know the values of soft/hard limit. (smbcquotas //fileserver/test -S FSQLIM:<softlimit>/<hardlimit>)

Is smbcquota's the right program or is there a different solution? 

Thank you very much

Bart Hendrix

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