[Samba] samba w/ ldap - groups scalability and performance

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Sun Sep 19 16:34:14 GMT 2004

> in the logs.  This is correct because I'm no longer allowing samba to 
> find the users primary group.  It's not clear to me yet that this is 
> really a problem as nothing's been noticed.  But, it does concern me, 
> plus it's extra noise in the log files.

Now you could fix that by making everyone's primary group some group 
that is defined for the purpose of making samba shut up, but then you'd 
run into this nice issue that using secondary groups in samba with an 
LDAP backend on recent patchlevels is broken.

As a more helpful note, how does using nscd affect your performance issues?

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