[Samba] Re: Just a quick suggestion for backup solution, please???

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Sat Sep 18 18:53:17 GMT 2004

> > Ive been using samba for a while, but I have no backups...
> > Id just like something simple and effective, with some easy way to
> Restore
> > files...
> > Any quick suggestion, please?

If you have ACL support enabled on you Samba server make sure your
backup solution supports backing up meta-data and extended attributes. 
99 of out 100 do NOT.

Our solution (even after looking at commercial packages) has been to use
XFS filesystems and xfsdump/xfsrestore.

> I have read good things about Arkeia (www.arkeia.com).  They have a light
> version that is free.

And crazy expensive.

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