[Samba] windows share automatically mount on linux box

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Sat Sep 18 10:50:59 GMT 2004

Hi Jack,
perhaps you should use something like this in fstab
# Device			#Mountpoint	FSType	OPtion
//user at server/share	/ftproot	smbfs	rw.nosuto	0 0
i recommend to read man smbfs , smbmount, fstab and cifs ( for 2.6 Kernels )
The entries may vari to you distro
suse has a subsystem which helps you at such jobs
googling about this stuff will help very much

rruegner schrieb:

> hey Jack,
> i want to access a file called lotto_numbers_of_next_week.txt, too
> *rofl,
> please would you not wrote in miracles, post your smb.conf
> log files , exact problem
> Regards
> jack alex schrieb:
>> i have samba server configured on mandrake 9.2 and client is window98 ,
>> i want the windows share automatically mount on linux box on its boot.
>> so, what entry should i have to put in /etc/fstab file to 
>> automatically mount windows share on linux box
>> -jack
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