[Samba] Migration Samba 2.2.x ADS - Samba3 ADS

Nikolaus Filus filus at wsc-gmbh.de
Sat Sep 18 08:48:57 GMT 2004


I'm trying to migrate a Samba 2.2 Fileserver as ADS member to Samba3 and
having a lot of problems in understanding the new design. After searching
through the Official HowTo and Google, I have several question unanswered
and in need of a Step-by-Step Migration HowTo. The Examples given in the
docs are very general (to me) and cover only a new setup, but no migration.

The Installation so far doesn't say, what other libs do I need for a special
setup. As far as I see, for Win2K ADS I need LDAP (openldap) and Kerberos
(here:heimdal). Then compile Samba --with-ads support. Right?
(for Openldap configure doesn't accept a special DIR!!)

Open questions about configuration:

- do I need to setup kerberos like in the example or is it automatic by samba?
- the same for LDAP?
- is kerberos realm = ADS domainname - if not, where to find it?
- in smb.conf kerberos realm lowercase or uppercase?
- do I still need unix users and samba users (passwd, smbpasswd)?
- can I reuse the machine SID of Samba 2.2 or do I have to rejoin the ADS?
- is there a script for migrating the options in smb.conf?

Thanks so far.


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