[Samba] Upgrading from 2.2.4

Chuck Chauvin clchauvin at edcaugusta.com
Fri Sep 17 18:48:51 GMT 2004


I have Samba setup to run as a PDC on a Mandrake box and I will be setting 
up a new server this weekend to take it's place. I'll be using the latest 
SuSE and want to use the latest Samba as well.

When I setup this new server is it possible for me to transfer the users and 
passwords from my existing server onto the new one?

I don't mind, necessarily, recreating the actual user accounts but what 
worries me is the machine accounts. Will the machine accounts be created on 
the fly like they were when I first joined the existing domain or will I 
have to un-join and re-join each and every machine again?

Chuck Chauvin

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