[Samba] Mounting http://server/share ?

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Fri Sep 17 16:57:25 GMT 2004

Hi, this feature is done by apache and the webdav module,
doing this over ssl and good auth this is a very nice feature
but is has nothing to with samba, but of course you can mount the same 
dirs with samba at the same time too as well with ssh and ftp, if you want

Richardson, Anthony schrieb:

> Here at work we can, from Windows, map a drive to a http://server/share 
> residing on a Windows server (actually, I can browse to the share from
> a web browser, but mapping a drive to the share allows me to upload
> files).
> This is how we are currently able to access our network shares from
> outside the local network.
> Can I access a share like that using Samba (under Linux)? How?
> Tony Richardson

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