[Samba] No such file or directory - but it is there.

Neil Marjoram n.marjoram at adastral.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Sep 17 12:09:51 GMT 2004

I have a problem when installing applications from a Samba share.

I have been using this share for sometime with no problems, but now
after installing 3.0.6 I have an issue.

Most applications I have work fine, only three are suspect.
OfficeXP, will start the install but it stops with the error,
installation source has been corrupted. The Samba log show it is looking
for the file
:applications/windows/officexp/Install/Files/PFiles/MSOffice/Office10/1033/ID_011.DPC returning 0764
Error opening file
applications/windows/officexp/Install/Files/PFiles/MSOffice/Office10/1033/ID_011.DPC (No such file or directory) (local_flags=0) (flags=0)

I have had a look at this file and it seems to be OK. If I copy the
whole install tree for office XP to the local C drive it loads with no

Matlab now refuses to install at all - I can't see what the error is at
present. Again if I copy the whole install to C it works fine.

Sophos will no longer allow me to update the central installation
directory. (I have a fault in with Sophos for this). It does not produce
any error in the logs, it just stops. 

The files are all owned by my user and are in the Domain Admins group
with 774 permisions.

I have use sendfile = no in my global settings.

The file system is also an NFS export.

My OS is Fedora Core 2.

Anyone have any ideas?


Neil Marjoram.
Systems Manager
University College London
Adastral Park Campus
Martlesham Heath

01473 663711

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