[Samba] Re: Antwort: Re: large file support >4GB(nt4.0sp5->smb3.0.6-suse9.0-kernel2.4.21)

chris at gensler.to chris at gensler.to
Fri Sep 17 00:19:26 GMT 2004

Thanks for confirmation!

Seems as if quota was "not quilty". I now installed quota support and
enabled it, and now the "sys_get_vfs_quota() failed" messages are gone
from the log - but copying is impossible.

To test ext3, I used a "looped" 10GB file formatted ext3, mounted and
exported by samba - and it works!

So, ext3 seems to be a better choice than reiser for large file support
on samba.

But I'm pretty upset on having reiser and samba not working together
with large files in 2004, when file sizes of >4GB are supported within
windows world since years, with none of the problems I've seen now in
linux. Nowadays such "experiments" sould not be required on a "modern

Kernel 2.6.x is not an option, as there's no highpoint driver available
for it today (no binaries, buggy sources, buggy makefile ... - rely on
it!), and lotus domino refuses to run stable (5.0.12, hangs after 2
hours). Running samba is not the only requirement here!!

So, I possibly have to change to ext3, if there's no other way - but my
decision to reiser was not by random, there were some "pro"s for it.

What a sh*t.


Igor Belyi wrote:
> c_gensler at icaros.de wrote:
> > Scanning logs of level 3 showed and error message:
> >
> > lib/sysquotas.c:sys_get_quota(413) sys_get_vfs_quota() failed for
> > mntpath[/usr/local/raid5_1] bdev[/dev/sdd1] qtype[2] id[500]: Invalid
> > argument
> >
> > This message occurs more than once in this log - maybe it's a first hint
> > on an error.
> Well...
> Looking through Samba source it looks like a failed call to quotactl().
> Which may mean that RaiserFS handler of this call can't handle it.
> Looking with Google on "ReiserFS +quota" it looks like it was added not
> that long ago and maybe updating kernel 2.4.21 to something more recent
> could be a way to go.
> And just for an info: I have 2.6.7 + ext3 and was able to copy 5Gb file
> fron NT4.0 SP6 into this location mounted as an NTFS share without a
> problem.
> Hope it helps,
> Igor
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