[Samba] does SMB run over DCOM ?

Mario de Sousa msousa at fe.up.pt
Thu Sep 16 15:11:55 GMT 2004

 Hi all,

 OPC is a standard that specifies a collection of DCOM interfaces
heavely used in the industrial automation domain.

 I would like to access these OPC objects that run in Windows from Linux
computers, using the DCOM framework.

 Instead of implementing DCOM from scratch for Linux, I was considering
'stealing' some code off the SAMBA project relating to the DCOM rpc

 Could anybody please confirm that SMB really does run over DCOM, in
other words, does the SAMBA code include some kind of implementation of
the DCOM protocols?

 If so, could you give me sugestions on how I could go about this? Where
can I get some info regarding the internal functions that I need to call
to make DCOM rpc invocations?

 At the moment I was considering starting off by extending the rpcclient
utility and using some of the already implemented services as a guide. I
have been browsing this code, nevertheless, some of the details still
escape me. For example, what is a pipe, and what do the pipe_idx
variables contain?

 Any help would be higly apreciated!

   Thanks in advance,

		Mario de Sousa

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