[Samba] Desktop.ini showing up

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Wed Sep 15 14:55:58 GMT 2004

Dan Slatford wrote:

>  > All the workstations have a desktop.ini file that shows up on the desktop
>>  after joining the domain. The contents of the ini differ from workstation to
>>  workstation.
>I've found the same thing, the desktop.ini file is in the startup folder
>in the programs menu, so opens up into notepad when you log in for the
>first time. Is this the same for you?
>Deleting the file from start button > programs > startup 'solved' it,
>but I never figured out why it appeared there to begin with.

I *think* this is put there by Windows whenever you browse the folder 
in Windows Explorer - it is used to hold the folder display settings 
specific to that folder. We solved it by adding the following global 
option to smb.conf :

hide files = /desktop.ini/Desktop.ini/


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