[Samba] Problems with Windows sharing samba printers

Margaret Doll Margaret_Doll at brown.edu
Wed Sep 15 13:37:24 GMT 2004

We have samba and cups running on a RedHat Enterprise 3 system; 
samba-3.0.4 and cups-1.1.17-13.

This weekend our Windows 98 computers lost contact with some of the 
printers.  They can see the printers to add the samba printers.  The 
Windows 98 computers can print to the samba printers as the printers 
are added onto the system.  However, when the Windows 98 computers try 
to print to the samba printers later, the printer function on the 
Windows system freezes; we have to reboot the Windows 98 computers to 
even see the printers again.

We think that some Windows computer on the network has added the samba 
servers to their system and then set the system to share the printers.  
This causes the windows 98 computers to try to use the printers on the 
"sharing" windows system instead of on the samba server.

Do you know of an easy way to find the "sharing" windows computers?  Is 
there a way to get the Windows 98 computer to always use the samba 
server rather than a "sharing" windows computer.

Could there be another cause of the problem?

The problems just cropped up this weekend with the returning students. 
No changes were made to the samba or cups configuration on the server.  
The samba server shows up as the master for the workgroup.

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