[Samba] Character encoding problems

andren at stmf.se andren at stmf.se
Wed Sep 15 10:24:16 GMT 2004


I am having problem with filenames in a "Linux Samba server <-> Linux Samba
Client" setup. The server has filenames with lanugage specific characters (åäö)
in them. When mounted on the Linux workstation the characters are replaced by
question marks.

If I connect to the server with a Windows machine there is no problem with the
characters. Also, if I connect with smbclient to the shares instead of mounting
them, the filenames show up correctly.

The local system has it locale set to "sv_SE.UTF-8" and is using Samba version
3.0 the server is running Samba 2 but I have no access to it except for the
shares so I'm not sure.

I have tried setting the "unix charset", "dos charset" and "display charset" but
it has not helped at all.

Thankful for any help.

Johan Andrén

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