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Pascal Legrand Pascal.Legrand at univ-orleans.fr
Wed Sep 15 10:08:05 GMT 2004

Hello ,
in first sorry for my poor english
i've got some questions

- I wanted to know in which measure it was possible for a user to change his password on several
    servers from Windows 2000 I explain:
    the toto user authenticates on serveur1 domaine1 (his machine, Windows 2000 is thus integrated in
    but this user has access to resources situated on serveur2
    How can he modify his password on serveur2 from his machine, which by default proposes him as 
only choice of connection only serveur1.


- The same user toto has access to a share without restriction (public) but i would like to create
in this share a directory protected by a login/password as htaccess with apache.
    i don't know how to do
    i create a new share with the option "valid user= tiptop", the user tiptop exist in passwd and
    smbpasswd but on my w2000 when i'm logged as "pascal" i cant access to this share with the new
    name "tiptop" and new password


- does anybody knows how limit simultaneous login by a unique user (preexec maybe??)
thank you


- the last, how is it possible to make a share where users can write but cant read.
I tried to make this like that :
	first i create a directory whith these permission : 773
	then in my smb.conf i write a new share :
			path = /home/partages/echanges/directory
		        browsable = no
		        admin users = adminuser
		        read only = no
after some test it works fine with windows 98 clients but not with windows 2000 clients

All this with the version 3.0.2 of samba
    thank you and good day

Pascal Legrand
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