[Samba] RE: SAMBA & ISAM Databases

Pepe Guimarães pg at moose-software.com
Wed Sep 15 07:09:21 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-14 at 18:23, Pepe Guimarães wrote:
>  I have a heterogeneous network with a R.H. Linux server running Samba

> 3.0.5 and various Win clients (from Win 98 to Win XP Pro). On a Samba 
> share I have an ISAM database (Access, FoxPro etc. like)
> that is being accessed by applications running on the Win clients and
> applications running in Linux.
> I have disabled "opplocks" in both Win9x clients and on the Samba
> I have "mounted" the Samba share on the Linux server so that Linux
> applications are "pathed"
> to the share and accessing the data there.
> The problem arises with locks. Files locked by the Win clients are 
> seeing as locked by Win clients but not by Linux and viceversa.

> Finally:
>  shouldn't "posix locking = yes" in smb.conf give consistent locking 
> between SMB and posix (NFS or local) access?

Yes and no.  'posix locking = yes' will allow *some* coordination
between windows and POSIX locks, but it is far from a complete mapping. 
I presume your linux-side applications are running under wine? 

No. It is not running under wine. Is running in Linux.

Unfortunately, wine does not yet work with Samba (and Samba does not yet
work with wine) to jointly manage the windows locks, which are much
richer than can be expressed under posix.

Worse still, smbfs does not support locking at all, and NFS is
notoriously poor at locking.

So, if smbfs does not support any type of lock I am waisting my time
trying to get a solution under smbfs. Is that correct? So which way
should I go? Any suggestions, ideas??

Andrew Bartlett
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