[Samba] Access from Windows to Samba/LINUX

Darren Martz darren at shelbrook.com
Tue Sep 14 18:09:39 GMT 2004

If you want a "share" to be hidden from browsing, one option is to add $ to
the end of the share name. Example, rather than :


Change it to


And the windows browser will ignore it unless you type in the share name in
the address bar.

That works for both Windows and Linux hosting servers.

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	I am configuring PCs on Windows W2K to access to a LINUX Server
where Samba is mounted

	Is-it possible to do this ?

		Directory_1				: Browseable (then
visible with the Network Favorits)
			-Sub_Directory_1a		: NOT Browseable
(unvisible) BUT Writable
			-Sub_Directory_2a		:	"
"		"

	If not, then just this ?

		Directory_1				: NOT Browseable
(unvisible) BUT Writable



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