[Samba] Interdomain trust to Windows 2003 native mode domain ?

Hans B. Randgaard HBR at maerskoil.dk
Tue Sep 14 14:33:08 GMT 2004

Dear list and Samba Team,

It says in the Samba Howto, that it "should" be possible to
trust a Windows 2000 domain, but it needs more testing.

Have any of you made this work ?

I ask because we implemented our Samba/LDAP-3 domain
during the week-end and had to rool back since we couldn't
get the user validation to a trusted Windows 2003 native domain
to work.

Samba team,

If this feature is not fully functional and you are interested, we
can provide tcpdump and level 10 data if we make another try.

Kind regards, Hans Randgaard.

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