[Samba] mount.cifs doesn't do japanese?

Bjoern JACKE samba at j3e.de
Tue Sep 14 13:43:11 GMT 2004

On 2004-09-13 at 14:38 -0700 David Wuertele sent off:
>On a FC2 system (which includes kernel 2.6.5 and samba-3.0.3), I am
>able to use "smbmount" to mount filesystems with japanese filenames on
>them by specifying codepage=cp932.  But when I mount with "mount.cifs"
>the translation from SJIS to UTF-8 isn't done right:

there has been a false assumption that a UTF-8 presentation of a 
filename never longer than the UTF-16 presentation of the same name. 
That's fatal for Japanese filenames. This should be fixed in the cifs 
version which will come with kernel 2.6.9.


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