[Samba] Field Definition for objectSid (LDAP)

Celeste Suliin Burris csburris at ci.tacoma.wa.us
Tue Sep 14 00:13:21 GMT 2004

I'm trying to write a perl program to get user information my boss 
wants using Net::LDAP in perl. I'm doing fairly well, but when I try to 
get the objectSid from the user list, it comes in packed or encrypted 
in some fashion. Since dumping the users using the command "net ads 
search '(&(objectClass=person)(objectCategory=person))'" gets me an 
unscrambled objectSid, I figure someone out there knows how to put it 
into human-readable form.

Celeste Suliin Burris
Systems Administrator
Tacoma Economic Development Department
Email - csburris at ci.tacoma.wa.us

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