[Samba] throughput of 300MB/s

Martin Vogt vogt at itwm.fraunhofer.de
Mon Sep 13 18:12:04 GMT 2004

Brian Krusic wrote:

>I've set it up for this purpose with a max sustained throughput of
>~25-30MB/sec (megabytes).  This was using p-ide on the backend and 3ware
>cards with RH9 and xfs and a mix of raid5 and raid10 (1+0).
Yes, I have this too. It was my first idea to use samba, but I did not 
that samba is that slow. (Okay, windows server is even slower)

>This was with a gig e (non jumbo capable) network and tricks like increased
>TCP window sizes and the typical Samba tricks like TCP no delay etc...
>However even with NetApps or BlueArcs (both with fiber channel on the
>backend @ raid4), the sustained throughput according to my bro at R&H was
>like 45MB/sec.
>There are several things to consider like;
>- whats doing the file serving (fiber, ide, raid or striped)
It a parallel filesystem over network. (currenlty GiGE)
Current benchmarks show that you do not need to worry
about bandwidth on that part.

>- is it an OS or an appliance
>- is the net topology ethernet
>- is it gig e with jumbo frames
>- can the client handle that throuput
>Choosing a backend is key as well as your net topology.
>Also, look into http://www.myri.com/ for a fast topology.
>For disk i/o look into http://www.pvfs.org/.
Or quadrics for network:

Quadrics for example is capable of doing 1GB/s.
But currently samba is the bottleneck.

At least the benchmarks I found on the net were all (much) below < 100 MB/s,
so I wanted to ask, if this is really true ?



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