[Samba] System preferences

Lou Buijs loubuijs at quicknet.nl
Mon Sep 13 15:31:10 GMT 2004

  Dear Mr./Mrs.,
  After installing and configurating Samba Sharing on my ibook G3, I 
  to start up but after pushing the 'start button', System preferences
  just quits after about one minute, with the appearance of a message 
"Syst. Prefs. has unexpectadly stopped!"
  and the option of sending a bug report.
  The shared volume only then appears in the 'network window' after I
  activate the other computer icon in the finders 'network window'

  The  Samba shared volume seems to work, but  why doesn't the icon of 
the shared
  volume appear immediately after starting up 'Samba share'?

  with regards,
  Lou Buijs

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