[Samba] PDC from 2 to 3, SID headaches

Brian Krusic brian at krusic.com
Sun Sep 12 00:05:49 GMT 2004


I had this very same issue and posted this problem many months ago to no

Since user profs and envs are critical in my env, what I did was

1) Ensure that a local version of the domain prof exsisted and that it was
local vs roaming using the Windows profile tool.

2) I then made the identical user on the local machine account (if your
machine is named foo, then your local acc would be foo\user).

* login once on foo\user to ensure profile account creation.

3) Using the profile copy tool in Windows, I then copied the domain profile
to the local machine account profile.

4) I then logged on as foo\user to ensure the env was as it should be.

5) I then copied the foo\user account to the domain account using the
Windows tool and I was then able to migrate to v3 and keep my profs and env
for each user.

* Be admin when doing the profile migration or atleast another user with
admin privs.

Ofcourse a tedious thing for 30+ users but it was critical as they are in FX
industry and are very picky about there env.

Its ultimatly up to you on wether you want to go this extra step but I felt
that it was my responability to provide this level of service.

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