[Samba] Questions on VFS modules (audit)

Marco De Vitis starless at spin.it
Sat Sep 11 13:05:09 GMT 2004

I'm configuring Samba 3.0.6 on Debian stable, after using version 2.2.8a
for a while.

I have some questions on VFS modules, which could be summed up into a
single big question: is there any documentation about them, other than the
few paragaphs in the official howto?

Now for the single questions:

1. audit: its output goes into syslog, no options to change this, right?
And also no options to only record some specific actions, right? Due to
the way Windows clients access files, I see lots of useless lines
cluttering syslog.

2. extd_audit: same as audit, but it ALSO outputs to Samba logs. Can't the
output to syslog be deactivated here?
Also, I read it has a configurable parameter, a log level; what's the
syntax for this parameter? The howto does not explain it.

3. In my installation I can see more modules, not mentioned at all in the


What's their use?
Of course, I'm particularly interested in "full_audit". Its source code
(seen downloading the samba tarball) contains some limited docs, e.g. it
does not list all possible options for its parameters. But, most of all,
if I try using it in smb.conf my samba won't run at all, reporting errors
with full_audit.so. Sorry that I can't show you the error log now, I
currently do not have access to that machine.

Thanks in advance for any info.


..."Hergest Ridge", Mike Oldfield 1974

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