[Samba] Re: CUPS Print Quality -- WAS -- UPDATE Where are the ADOBE PS Drivers?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Sep 10 16:00:55 GMT 2004

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Chris McKeever wrote:

| I dont think that you can push the client a new
| PPD by changing it on the server .. it gets downloaded
| to the client on the first connection.  I dont think
| it looks back into the print$ directory -- I
| think it pulls defaults/etc from the .TDB database
| files and that about the most of the interaction it
| has with the server till it spools the job to it --
| but your idea below I find quite interesting
| regarding a generic PPD

The client should update it's local cache of printer
information (registry keys, devmode, etc...) and the
driver file when:

(a) the change_id timestamp on the printer changes, and
(b) the timestamp on the new ppd file is newer than the
old file.

cheers, jerry
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