[Samba] Announcing to ourselves ???

Radek Svoboda svoboda at neovision.cz
Fri Sep 10 14:13:32 GMT 2004

I found this i our log.nmbd, occurs each hour:

[2004/09/10 16:03:36, 2] 
   We are both a domain and a local master browser for workgroup 
NEOVISION.  Do not announce to ourselves.
[2004/09/10 16:03:36, 2] nmbd/nmbd_browsesync.c:sync_with_dmb(151)
   Initiating sync with domain master browser SERVER<20> at IP for workgroup NEOVISION

One cause for this I can imagine is that we joined by SERVER machine our 
own domain controlled by the same machine. Do you know how to *left* 
joined domain, e.g. by using "net" command?

                                     Radek Svoboda
                                     Neovision s.r.o., Prague
                                     svoboda at neovision.cz

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