[Samba] Re: CUPS Print Quality -- WAS -- UPDATE Where are the ADOBE PS Drivers?

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Fri Sep 10 13:45:08 GMT 2004

Chris McKeever wrote:

>So - the PPD controls the print options - therefore driver
>independence isnt fully achievable since you need the printer specific
>PPD (if you want to be able to set printer specific information per

Yes, that is true. What I am not sure about as I've not done the 
testing to support it, is whether just changing the PPD and 
re-running cupsaddsmb will result in the client getting the new ppd 
installed (our login script maps the printers on this site). If it 
does then swapping out a printer should be as simple as changing the 
ppd on the server.

>from the howto:
>"A postscript file that was created to contain device-specific ommands
>for achieving a certain print job output on a specific target machine,
>may not print as expectd, or may not be printable at all on other

One of the things about Postscript is that it tends to degrade 
reasonably well. I'm fairly confident that in most cases you could 
send a file that (for example) requests duplex printing to a printer 
without that feature and it will still print (but without the duplex 
of course).

>Now what would be nice (and who knows if at all possible) - if there
>was a generic CUPS PPD, which gave general print options
>(duplex/punched) -- when sent from windows into the cups spooled, cups
>could extract what the client requested, use the PPD of the vendor to
>ensure what was requested is available, recreated the PS file and send
>it to the printer.  With this, the client could be completely
>driver/ppd independent
>from the howto:
>"for real PS printers, DO NOT use the foomatic PPD's.  The original
>vendor PPD's are always first choice"

You could roll your own !

I don't know if you've looked at the contents of a ppd, but they tend 
to be fairly easy to understand (if a bit large for a complex 
printer). If you started with a complex printer ppd and stripped out 
the bits you don't need then you could end up with something that 
would just have the features you want, and I think you would probably 
find the output reasonably portable.

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