[Samba] Forcing RIDs to desired value

Radek Svoboda svoboda at neovision.cz
Fri Sep 10 07:24:09 GMT 2004

Michael Gasch wrote:
> what about the
> algorithmic rid base (G)
> parameter?

I gave it a try. But even with this disabled, the pdbedit still 
complains about mismatched RIDs.

I used tdbdump to get a view what is inside the tbdsam database. To my 
surprise, the mappings from RID to usernames are there (key = RID_xxxx), 
but contains still 2*UID+1000 values, regardless of the last number of 
user's SID! Probably the cause of the complains.

Is the format of this tdb database somewhere documented, so I could 
manually correct it? For example, I *REALLY* want to have the 
possibility to change the DOMAIN the user is marked in.
(pdbedit -Lv | grep Domain)

                   Best regards

                                     Radek Svoboda
                                     Neovision s.r.o., Prague
                                     svoboda at neovision.cz

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