[Samba] adduser fails ???

Lewis Shobbrook lshobbrook at fasttrack.net.au
Fri Sep 10 03:39:32 GMT 2004

Hi All,

I have a production samba server running 3.04 on Debian integrated to
use AD accounts.  
It's been running most happily for about 6 months 8=]
I've just attempted to create a non-privileged local unix user account
for a new service I'm installing, but it fails prompting me for the AD
domain account password.

adduser test
Adding user test...
Adding new group test (1000).
Adding new user test (1000) with group cron.
Creating home directory /home/test.
Copying files from /etc/skel
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
Password for test at DOMAIN.COM:
passwd: Error in service module
adduser: `/usr/bin/passwd test' returned error code 10.  Aborting.
Cleaning up.
Removing directory `/home/test'
Removing user `test'.
Removing group `test'.
groupdel: group test does not exist

I vaguely remember something about synching password changes & suspect
when the server was in test phase, I may have toyed briefly with such

Can anyone tell me how to switch this off?



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