[Samba] winbindd or nss issue?

Xavier xavier at rootshell.be
Thu Sep 9 20:03:57 GMT 2004

Hi *,

I spent two days to try to solve the following problem without success...
(google, archives, ...)

Platform: RedHat 9 (OpenSSI cluster) with Samba 3.0.6.
The server successfully joined a domain and act as a file server.
winbindd runs to map users between the NT & Linux world.

wbinfo [-t|-p|-u|-g] -> ok
getent passwd -> ok

I can successfully see all the Windows users as DOMAIN+NAME.
But... after a few hours, the system seems to "loose" some UID eg:

id: DOMAINE+NAME: No such user
$ getent passwd | grep NAME

If I remove the the *.tdb files, and restart the daemons, its correct again 
(but of course I loose all the previous mappings)

(I don't run nscd)

Any idea?

Unix is sexy!
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