[Samba] Access problem from Linux workstation to Samba share Server

waljureg waljureg at terra.com.co
Thu Sep 9 16:30:42 GMT 2004


I have had installed Samba with ADS support without Winbind, so per
user in the AD exits a local user in the Linux Samba server.  My W2k
and XP users can access the Samba share perfectly.

I have a Linux workstation with Winbind that can access Windows Share
perfectly but when I try to access the Samba share I have problems
with permissions.  I notice that my winbind user id is 10020 and the
file or directory owner in the Samba share is 530 (the local linux
user id of the Samba server).

When I login with a root or a local linux user (id 530) in the
workstation I can access perfectly the share.

I have tried everything in the mount command, smb.conf parameters and
anything seems to work.

I am open to ideas.


Wilmer Aljure

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