[Samba] Samba, cups and page count.

Jerome Alet alet at librelogiciel.com
Thu Sep 9 12:22:56 GMT 2004

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 09:17:56AM -0300, Bruno Gimenes Pereti wrote:
> I've got a new big problem. I've being reading about this for a week and 
> can't find a solution.
> I finally installed a Xerox (WorkCentre 420) printer with HP drivers 
> because Xerox  don't have drivers for linux. I'm running CUPS to access the 
> printer, samba reads it from /etc/printcap and is sharing the printer. I 
> can print from windows clients without problems.
> Now, what I need is to count how much page each user is printing. I just 
> read from 
> http://docs.kde.org/en/3.2/kdebase/kdeprint/troubleshooting-cups.html that 
> "Jobs printed as "raw" are always counted as size of 1 page". Is that true? 
> Is there any work around? What do you use for page accouting?

See :


if you need a solution which can handle software accounting for raw 
jobs : PostScript (DSC compliant and binary), PDF, PCL up-to-5, PCL6 
(aka PCLXL) and ESC/P2 are supported. 

PyKota also supports hardware accounting if your printer supports this.


Jerome Alet

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