[Samba] Local vs Domain sid using net commands

Stanley Tim tim.stanley at kuesters-usa.com
Thu Sep 9 12:21:42 GMT 2004

Correction... I'm on Samba 3.0.4.

I am curious. I have joined my 3.0.6 samba server to my NT4 domain. However,
when I do a net groupmap list, I notice that the SID of the Samba Domain
accounts (i.e. Domain Admins, Domain Guests, Domain Users) is not the same
as the sid of the domain that it is joined to, when doing a net rpc getsid.
Why is this? Does this mean that the Domain accounts in Samba are not really
associated with the domain accounts in the NT4 domain?


Timothy S. Stanley
IS Manager
Küsters Corporation

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