[Samba] 3.0.6 PDC/tdbsam backend

Mike Hassell mhassell at comcast.net
Wed Sep 8 21:42:50 GMT 2004

I recently converted my Samba PDC from ldapsam to tdbsam as I was
having too many problems with the ldap backend failing after a power
outages.  I now have a few questions regarding tdbsam:

1.  Is there any GUI user administration tool that I can use in
conjunction with a tdbsam backend?  Usrmgr seems to function as user
root on the domain, but does not seem very reliable.  I'm looking for
something equivalent to LAM that I can give to the business owner, so
he can easily create new accounts, etc.

2.  What should my method of backup be?  Should I just shutdown
smbd/nmbd and copy secrets.tdb and passdb.tdb to backup media?  I was
using 'slapcat' when the backend was LDAP, which worked just fine.

3.  How can I force a password change at next logon for new users?  I
have a few users who have kept their default password and I'd like to
force them to change.

4.  What are some good utils to use to perform an audit on my system?
I would like to audit each workstation attached to the domain to make
sure that permissions are set correctly on the proper files, etc.

Any answers to the above questions would be greatly appreciated.


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