[Samba] Re: Where are the ADOBE PS Drivers?

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Wed Sep 8 18:15:48 GMT 2004

Chris McKeever wrote:

> A - install the ADOBE POSTSCRIPT file onto a windows machine - check
> B - SHARE that printer  - check
> C - Grab the specified files from the print$ share on the windows machine
>     -- none are there...
> D - Place them into: /usr/share/cups 
> E - run the cupsaddsmb

Maybe John himself will jump in as these instructions sound redundant... and I'm not walking over to the book shelf.

Redundant as... if steps a-c post files to print$, then there should be no need for cupsaddsmb as that is the Linux command line equiv of uploading the driver from a Windows client box.

If you just had the driver files from Adobe, including the .INF file, then you should be able to upload them through the printer wizard just like any other driver... or use cupsaddsmb from the Linux 
command line.

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