[Samba] Logging the hostname with a Samba share connection

Brian Simper bsimper at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 16:11:32 GMT 2004

I am new to Samba but I set up a server and I am trying to get the
logging to my liking.
In /var/log/samba the entries are of the format:


I would prefer the logging to be:


I tried to do this with the /etc/samba/smb.conf setting:

     log file = /var/log/samba/%m:%M:%I.log

The man page seems to indicate that either %m or %M should include the
hostname but I keep just getting the IP address only.

I have tried setting "security = user" and I then get the hostname but
it asks for a password to connect the share.  With "security = share"
I don't get the password request but it then only logs the IP address.

This is supposed to be a publicly available share.  I don't want to
ask for a password but I do want to get hostname information for
tracking.    With dhcp in use on my network I would have no good clue
about which machine is making transactions.  Since Windows machines
connect to this server I need to know if one of them is inadvertantly
passing viruses to me.

This is a ProLiant DL 380 running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0.  Any ideas?


bsimper at gmail.com
simper at qwest.net

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