[Samba] 2 HD, same PC

Richardson, Anthony ar63 at evansville.edu
Wed Sep 8 12:18:22 GMT 2004

Behalf Of Bryan Peifer
> I have two hard drives on one PC.  One is a Windows XP drive and the 
> other is a Linux (redhat 9.0) drive.  I want Linux to recognize and 
> share files on the XP drive.  Where is there documentation addressing 
> this situation?  Because now I work mostly with my Linux 
> environment, I 
> wanted to access the XP drive from Linux.

As an alternative to mounting your Windows partition under Linux, you
run colinux under Windows.  You then have both OSes running at the same
time.  Since colinux has a virtual network card you can then use samba
mount the shared Windows partition under colinux.  You can set up
to mount a native Linux partition as its / partition.  I currently do
with a native Fedora Core 2 install.  By enabling XMDCP on the X display
manager and using the cygwin X server I get the same graphical work
environment as under a native Linux boot.  Getting colinux set up isn't
that difficult and I've been amazed at colinux performance.

As I re-read the previous paragraph before sending I would have to
admit that getting NTFS support in the Linux kernel may be easier, but
what does that have to do with samba? :-)

Tony Richardson

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