[Samba] SAMBA Server and Domain Mismatch Problem

eric roseme eroseme at emonster.rose.hp.com
Tue Sep 7 21:38:13 GMT 2004

Hi Emil,

Two things:

1.  If you want to use HP CIFS server with POSIX ACLs, then you will 
need JFS 3.3 or later with file system layout 4 for your shared directories.

2.  On CIFS 2.2.X when you try to add a domain user to the ACL it will 
not work, because you are trying to add a Windows SID to a POSIX file 
descriptor.  That will not work.  Your users must add hostname\username 
because that is a UID that *can* be added to the POSIX file descriptor. 
  This is all explained in "HP CIFS Server Administrator's Guide":


Go to page 59 for NT clients, 68 for 2000/XP clients.  The instructions 
are pretty good.

The symptom that you are seeing is the same for attempting to add an SID 
to the POSIC ACL, or for adding a UID to a filesystem that does not 
support ACLs.

Eric Roseme

Emil P. Henry wrote:
> Hello!
>        We are running SAMBA 2.2.8a from HP (CIFS) on a HP-UX (11i) 
> server. It is running great and all that. The only issue is that the 
> users would like to be able to share there shares to other users that 
> they specify through the Windows clients. The problem is that when they 
> look at properties they see the hostname\username under the Group or 
> user name - which is themselves. When we try to do the domain\username 
> it  accepts it as valid, but disappears when we try to apply.
>       Please advice.
>       Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Emil

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