[Samba] [HELP] understanding winbind smb.conf parameters

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Tue Sep 7 11:43:46 GMT 2004

hi list,

may be it's a stupid question, because it's written in smb.conf but i 
don't understand the description of the following parameters

** winbind enum users (G)
               On large installations using winbindd(8) it may be 
necessary to suppress the enumeration  of  users  through
               the  setpwent(),getpwent()  andendpwent()  group  of 
system calls. If the winbind enum users parameter isno,
               calls to the getpwent system call will not return any data.


               Turning off user enumeration may cause some programs to 
behave oddly. For example, the finger program relies
               on having access to the full user list when searching for 
matching usernames.

** winbind trusted domains only (G)
               This  parameter is designed to allow Samba servers that 
are members of a Samba controlled domain to use UNIX
               accounts distributed via NIS, rsync, or LDAP as the uid's 
for winbindd users in the  hosts  primary  domain.
               Therefore, the user DOMAIN\user1 would be mapped to the 
account user1 in /etc/passwd instead of allocating a
               new uid for him or her.

               Default: winbind trusted domains only = no

** winbind use default domain (G)
               This parameter specifies whether thewinbindd(8) daemon 
should operate on users without domain  component  in
               their username. Users without a domain component are 
treated as is part of the winbindd server's own domain.
               While this does not benifit Windows users, it makes SSH, 
FTP and e-mail function in a way much closer to the
               way they would in a native unix system.

               Default: winbind use default domain = no

               Example: winbind use default domain = yes

i mean, i'm able to translate it but i don't understand it :-/

have you examples or could you be so kind to enlight me?

my setup

1x samba PDC (with ldap)
1x samba BDC (with ldap)
1x samba DM (with winbind, getting users/groups from ldap via nss_ldap)

thank you very much !!!!!!!!!


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